Zahabiya SBR 1648 is a low viscosity bonding agent based on styrene butadiene rubber latex which imparts to the mortar, excellent
bonding, flowability, flexural strength and resistance to various types of chemicals including mild acids and alkali. Compatible with all
types of cements, this construction grade SBR is designed to serve various needs of construction industry with economy and quality. Ideally
recommended as an old to new concrete bonding agent and an admixture to produce repair mortars, industrial floors and waterproof
screeds. The product imparts following qualities to the mortar in which it is added:
l Improved adhesion to various substrates including aged concrete.
l Provides corrosion protection of steel reinforcement.
l Reduces thermal stresses, shrinkage cracks, permeability of gases, liquids as well as chloride and sulphate ions.
l Improves workability and flow thus reducing water to cement ratio (increased strength).
l Higher early strength development.
l Increased flexibility (reduced e-modulus) & abrasion resistance.
l Improved resistance against mild acids, alkali, effect of carbonation etc.
l Excellent resistance against freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.
l Higher early strength development.