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Answer: The Basic reason why your having Dampness issue is Foundation has already absorbed water and the moisture is creeping up the walls, which pushes the plaster and Paint too peel off.

It is not possible to take ut the water from the foundation, as the structure is existing so rectification method is described below:


  • Removing Plaster of effected area/Loose plaster up to the bricks.
  • Applying primer of SBR 1:1 mix with water over bricks inside.
  • Preparing for plaster mortar mix with SBR in a ratio of 1:1 (1kg of SBR with 1bag of cement) and three wheelbarrows of plaster sand.
  • 1st Mix SBR in the water you’re going to use while mixing the plaster mortar.
  • After plastering give the area a period of about one week for it to dry then apply water shield.
  • Apply 1STT Coat diluted water shield and 2 coat of water shield direct .

Answer- The Structural Cracks can develop in all the concrete structure, Even new and Old, as your structure shakes/moves due to natural calamities. Below is the step wise procedure to treat them.


  • Clean Crack remove loose parts
  • Fill Soft Seal with Scrapper and level while applying
  • Next day if it shrink inside again level it.
  • once its dry paint over it.

Answer- The Treatment of water tank require complete solution as the cracks are normally not visible in the surface . You might think it’s just the base which is absorbing water but the side walls can also penetrate the waters. The application of Watershield can only be done if the tank has 02 upper lids to open . Proper circulation of air and sunlight is required to dry the coats of WaterShield. If only one Lid is available apply the slurry of Zuba ( Zuba mix with normal cement ) on top of suspected area . The step wise solution is given below .


  • Cleaning of Tank Completely
  • Removing old plaster / loose plaster
  • Apply coat of SBR chemical.
  • Replaster work with cement, three wheelbarrows sand and Zuba water proofing chemical. 1kg zuba mix with 1 bags cement admixture ( 1st mix zuba in water that has to be use for mixing morter)
  • After plaster is dry (1 or 2 weeks)Apply water Shield 3 coats.

Answer- Using the SBR – Latex Emulsion replaces natural latex rubber for elastic non shrink bond, water & oil proof weather resistant protective film. Its excellent agent for the old to new bonding . The brief description of application is given below.


  • Apply a primer of SBR over the bricks directly.
  • Mix 1kg of SBR in one 15 ltr jerry can of water and use it to mix the plaster mortar in a ratio of 1:1 (1kg of SBR with 1bag of cement) and three wheelbarrows of sand. if need to add water put normal water.

Answer- It’s a normal complaint from many house owner  that our Iron sheets leaks during the rain. The main reason is the washers which you put beneath the nails proofed up and provide the passage for the rain waters to enter the iron sheets. Other areas are gap develops during the course of time in the overlapping of the Iron Sheets . The brief solution is described below.


  • Cleaning of old Application over the nail, if it is applied earlier.
  • If needed to put new nail refix it, with proper washer cover.
  • Apply Soft seal special on top of it, covering the joints of the washers completely.
  • Apply soft seal special dipped in the cloth over the gaps of overlapping if its widen and creating the leakage.
  • Apply the 02 coats of Water shields on top of clothes to prevent complete penetration of water.

Answer- The concrete gutters are among the vitals or critical area where proper water proofing should be done. If not, the problem mentioned in the question , arises. The brief solution is below.


  • Cleaning of whole surface area completely.
  • Fill cracks and corners with soft seal special sealant
  • Apply 1st Coat diluted 10% water and 3 coats of water shield every after 6hours for each coat.

Answers- Waterproofing in Washroom Area is essential to do, as we bathe and use of water is there.

The base and the skarting area specially and shower area you can increase the walls upto 01 meter.

The application of Watershield 03 coats before or after the screed is our suggestion to prevent the moisture penetration in the walls. Method given below:

Waterproofing in the Washroom with WaterShield .

  • Clean the area properly . Make sure all the pluming work is finished prior you start the work.
  • Apply the 01 coat of Water shield diluted on top of concrete.
  • Apply the 02 & 03 coats directly . Let each coats get dry properly .
  • Apply the screed on top of the coats for better effiency . If you have applied on top of screed , d the tiling immediately .