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Our high quality warehouses facilitate us with safe and secure storage for the products and have all the necessary arrangements to be able to meet urgent orders st any point of time.

Featured Products

Waterproofing, Construction chemicals, Parking safety materials, Geotextile(Adhesive and sealants), Weather Protective Coatings, Marine Ply, MDF boards, PVC edge bending and hardware products.

Waterproofing and Weather Protective Coating

Master of Solutions

Technology of Insulating Materials

The non-explosive demolition agent

Best Rubber Products Manufacturer

Largest Manufacturer of Geotextiles in the Middle East

Largest Welding Electrode Manufacturers in Uganda

Marine Plywood

MDF/PVC Products

About us

Khambati Impex Co. Ltd is a well known enterprise that deals in waterproofing and weather protective coatings, Marine Ply, MDF boards and miscellaneous hardware products. Khambati Impex Co. Ltd established its roots in Uganda since 2013 and have working in the direction of constantly making innovations and providing our clients with high quality sales & services.

Our Products

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Our Recent Projects

Our recent project which has been completed and we have received good testimonials from our clients for the remarkable works.

Authorized Dealer

We are authorize dealer for the following companies

Civil Construction related Cement Admixtures, Waterproofing and Protective Products esp. Weather Resistant Coatings for abnormal climatic zones, U-PVC/ C-PVC Pipe Cement, Cementitious & Non-Cementitious based Tile Adhesives, Grouting Admixtures, Soil Compaction Binder, Super Plasticisers, Water Repellent Coatings, Expansion and Construction Joint Sealants, Crack Repair Putties etc.

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